How I whitened my teeth at home fast and cheap

Tips and tricks to help you whiten your teeth in a hurry

According to information published by the American Dental Association, more than $1.5 billion is spent on over-the-counter teeth whitening products alone (yes, BILLION).

And I have definitely contributed my fair share to that figure.

My entire life I’ve had pretty white teeth, but not PERFECTLY white teeth – and I’ve been trying to do absolutely everything I can get them to “Hollywood” levels.Trying pretty much absolutely everything in the book as far as quick teeth whitening, cheap teeth whitening, and even painful teeth whitening products are concerned, I had half way decent to somewhat reasonable success whitening up my not so pearly whites – but at the end the day I was never able to freely get that almost blindingly white glow I was after.

That’s no longer the truth, thanks to cheap teeth whitening!

Today I have teeth so white that at least four or five people a day will stop me asked me how I got my teeth so white, trying to pry the secret from me so that they themselves can go out and get to producing the same kinds of results.

Most of the time I shared the secret with them (the same secret that I’m going to share with you below), but from time to time you will get someone that’s a little bit rude – and they get the old “baking soda and brushing” routine.

Keep that between us, all right?

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for the secrets to unlocking truly white teeth – I’m talking about brand- new white sneaker white here – you’re going to want to pay close attention to the insider information below.

You’re going to find out that it’s a lot easier to figure out how to white teeth fast at home than you ever thought possible before, especially if you follow the step-by-step tips and tricks I’ve got for you in this quick guide.

Shall we get to it?

The big benefits to having pearly white teeth

There are a whole bunch of big benefits to figuring out how to whiten teeth fast, but the biggest ones that I’ve been able to enjoy would have to be:

 The attention I get from the opposite sex (I’ve never had so many strangers complement the on my smile before)

 The attention I get at work (after figuring out the secrets to quick teeth whitening I’ve gotten promoted TWICE)

 The self-confidence I feel every morning knowing that I’ve got teeth so bright that even the legally blind could spot me out of a crowd

If you’re interested in unleashing these same kinds of big benefits, don’t worry – it’s possible!

The only problem is you’re probably not going to be able to get the kinds of blindingly white teeth you’re looking for by following the same tired methods that everyone else is peddling.

A couple of different quick teeth whitening options I looked into…

When I first started to try to figure out how to whiten teeth fast I tried pretty much everything on the market – and a handful of things that had to be “cooked up” in the kitchen.

I tried teeth whitening toothpaste, I tried cheap teeth whitening “gels” (they taste ABSOLUTELY awful), I tried light treatment therapy with a little ray gun that you can pick up online, and I tried those strips,


… And none of it worked!

Thankfully, I did give up looking for the best way to whiten teeth at home, and I wasn’t willing to drop a few hundred dollars (or even a few thousand dollars) on “professional” services from a dentist that may or may not work as effectively as I had hoped.

But that’s when I came across Alta White and everything changed for the better!

…But here’s why I decided to go with Alta White (and why I’m so glad I did!)

Far and away the most convenient and consistent way to take advantage of quick teeth whitening results, I am absolutely in love with Alta White!

Everything about this teeth whitening product has been designed and developed from the ground up to produce dentist level teeth whitening results at a fraction of the cost, all without having to ever visit a dental office (or even leave your home).

Instead, you’ll be provided with a simple and almost effortless to apply solution that doesn’t require uncomfortable or unwieldy mouth guards, disgustingly unpleasant gels or pastes, or chemicals that have a dubious reputation for causing short term health issues or pose long-term health risks.

No, this solution – Alta White teeth whitening – is the best way to whiten teeth at home because of how effective it is, but also because of how safe it is.

There are absolutely zero negative side effects whatsoever, and it goes to work brightening up your smile right off the bat. In fact, you’re going to be able to notice very visible results in less than a week (six days or so), and within 21 days people are going to be stopping you to ask how you got your teeth so white!

This is the real deal, and I cannot recommend this product more thoroughly or more enthusiastically!

If you have been hoping to find a way to take advantage of the very best teeth whitening solution on the planet (or just want to figure out best way to whiten teeth fast at home without any headache or hassle) you’re going to want to get your hands on Alta White as soon as possible.

It’s just that good!


Why Early Detection of Tooth Decay is So Important

Tooth rot is a huge reason for worry among dental patients. Sadly, before, dental specialists have been not able identify pits until the rot came to a noticeable surface of the tooth. On the other hand, by that point the tooth might have as of now endured critical harm and a genuinely sizable reclamation might be required.

Pits can really start on any of a tooth’s surfaces, including those that are generally clouded from perspective, for example, occlusal surfaces where two teeth meet. Truth be told, it’s turning out to be more basic for cavities to create in the zones between the teeth.

A laser dental specialist can offer patients some assistance with identifying and treat such “concealed” cavities at their soonest arranges before that rot has a chance to do much auxiliary harm by any means.

The laser dental practitioner will utilize another innovation known as DIAGNOdent for such early tooth rot discovery. This framework utilizes lasers to quantify the fluorescence of sound veneer (which is negligible) and contrast it with zones fluorescence is more noteworthy, demonstrating that rot is available. DIAGNOdent catches the distinctions in fluorescent action to pinpoint ranges of rot.

Patients advantage from DIAGNOdent in various ways. In particular, distinguishing shrouded cavities and treating them prior can keep them from advancing to different regions of the tooth and bargaining it.

Also, littler cavities can be repaired with less affront to the tooth. More organic tooth material can be saved, and littler rebuilding efforts are normally compelling. In a reclamation, it’s optimal to keep up however much of the tooth’s normal veneer as could reasonably be expected to ensure the tooth’s honesty.

Since DIAGNOdent utilizes lasers to distinguish rot, it is practically effortless for patients, which is another point of interest of this framework. The output is finished in a matter of minutes.

You can read more about it from my Norwegian friend at :